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Each of our layout designs is bespoke and is developed to take account of your lifestyle, taste and practical requirements.  We specify all materials needed to construct your new garden, from paving and fencing screens down to furniture and light fittings.  All plans are to scale and are professionally made.

We will begin the design process with a site survey, arranged at a convenient time and date for you.

During this survey we will listen to your brief for your perfect garden space and provide ideas based on our years of experience. We will also measure the dimensions and ground levels of your garden, and analyse the soil and aspect to tailor your design for your garden.

The information taken from the site survey will then be used to create a series of initial ideas. You will be presented with these ideas and are then able to discuss and request alterations until you have your perfect garden design.

This design will then be upgraded to include full technical specifications, including material and construction techniques.

With the completion of the design phase, our highly experienced construction team will begin and complete the build of your garden design and planting.